Are Critics Irrelevant? – Episode 007

July 2, 2014

MediaCarnivoresCoverWith the rise of social media, computer recommendation algorithms, user reviews, and meta-review sites like Rotten Tomatoes that assemble “fresh ratings” for movies, we ask the question: “Are media critics even relevant anymore?”


Your Hosts

Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

Links Mentioned This Episode

Rotten Tomatoes
Are Women Missing From Film Criticism?
15 Movies That Critics Loved and Audiences Hated
The Napoleon Dynamite Problem
The Empty Space by Peter Brook

Media Consumed This Episode

The Devil Wears Prada (film, 2006)
Brick (film, 2005)
Minority Report (film, 2002)
Eight-Legged Freaks (film, 2002)
The Leftovers (TV, 2014)
Drive (film, 2011)
Haywire (film, 2011)
Hanna (film, 2011)
Shutter Island (film, 2010)
Children of Men (film, 2007)
High Fidelity (film, 2000)
Wonder Boys (film, 2000)
The Royal Tenenbaums (film, 2001)
Contagion (film, 2011)
Splice (film, 2009)
The Grey (film, 2012)
The American (film, 2010)
Boogie Nights (film, 1997)
Family Guy (TV)
Blue Velvet (film, 1986)
Napoleon Dynamite (film, 2004)
The Artist (film, 2011)
Donnie Darko (film, 2001)
The Box (film, 2009)
Kingpin (film, 1996)
There’s Something About Mary (film, 1998)
The Dark Knight (film, 2008)
The Shawshank Redemption (film, 1994)
Xena: Warrior Princess (TV)
Ratatouille (film, 2007)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (film, 1982)
Top Gun (film, 1986)
The Goonies (film, 1985)


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