Are the Oscars Just a Bunch of Nonsense? – Episode 025

January 21, 2015

MediaCarnivoresCoverAcademy Awards nominations just came out and the Oscar season has launched in full force. Is this award season meaningful, or just a bunch of nonsense? Brent and Erik look at the annual awards.

Your Hosts

Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

Links Mentioned This Episode

87th Oscar Nominations

Media Consumed This Episode

Shakespeare in Love (film, 1998)
The Reader (film, 2009)
The Dark Knight (film, 2008)
Forrest Gump (film, 1994)
Pulp Fiction (film, 1994)
The Artist (film, 2011)
Fatal Attraction (film, 1987)
Ghost (film, 1990)
Ghandi (film, 1982)
Vera Drake (film, 2005)
Still Alice (film, 2014)
Into the Woods (film, 2014)
Pride (film, 2014)
Boyhood (film, 2014)
Before Sunrise (film, 1995)
Before Sunset (film, 2004)
Gone Girl (film, 2014)
Snowpiercer (film, 2014)
Honeymoon (film, 2014)
The Babadook (film, 2014)
Birdman (film, 2014)


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