Is HBO Better Than Regular TV? – Episode 003

May 21, 2014

MediaCarnivoresCoverHBO says: “It’s not TV. It’s HBO.” Is that true? Is HBO just plain better than regular TV? Media Carnivores takes on how HBO has transformed television.


Your Hosts

Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

Links Mentioned This Episode

Media Consumed This Episode

Sex and the City (TV)
The Sopranos (TV)
Entourage (TV)
Breaking Bad (TV)
The Wire (TV)
Girls (TV)
Looking (TV)
Weekend (film, 2011)
Seinfeld (TV)
Veep (TV)
Downton Abbey (TV)
The Comeback (TV)
House of Cards (TV)
Game of Thrones (TV)
The Lead Cloak (book)


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