Is One Great Thing The Secret to Success? – Episode 077

September 23, 2016

In this episode, Brent offers up a theory about how to write something that will be successful over the long run: either write something perfect or write something with just one great thing that outweighs any other flaws. We discuss what this means for writing projects and talk about books and movies that have one great thing going for them.

We also check in about writing and publishing. Brent talks about working with a producer on his script (based on his own book) Project Sweet Life. Erik talks about meeting with a director and prop master for the “puzzle room” he’s written that will be produced later this fall. (If you want to skip the check-in, the main topic starts at 3:40.)

Your Hosts

Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

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Media Consumed This Episode

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (book, 1964)
Die Hard (film, 1988)
Gone Girl (book, 2012)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (film, 1975)
The Thin Man (film, 1934)
The Hangover (film, 2009)
Mahogany (film, 1975)
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (film, 2011)
Casablanca (film, 1942)
Vertigo (film, 1958)
Stranger Things (TV)
Heroes (TV)
Being John Malkovich (film, 1999)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (film, 2004)
Swiss Army Man (film, 2016)


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