Is Spielberg America’s Best Director? – Episode 072

June 29, 2016

It is easy to say that Steven Spielberg is the most successful American director. Just look at the box office of the movies he’s directed. But is he the best? That’s a much trickier question. Brent and Erik look into this quintessentially American director’s thirty films as a director and weigh the evidence.

We also check in about writing and publishing. Erik talks about a mysterious order of his books and Brent shares why he calls himself the Editor Slayer. (If you want to skip the check-in, the main topic starts at 4:06.)

Your Hosts

Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

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Media Consumed This Episode

Hook (film, 1991)
Jaws (film, 1975)
Minority Report (film, 2002)
Lincoln (film, 2012)
E.T. (film, 1982)
The Iron Giant (film, 1999)
War of the Worlds (film, 2005)
Independence Day (film, 1996)
Bridge of Spies (film, 2015)
Amistad (film, 1997)
Munich (film, 2005)
The Color Purple (film, 1985)
Schindler’s List (film, 1993)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (film, 1977)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (film, 1981)
Ready Player One (film, 2018)
The Terminal (film, 2004)


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