Should Movies And TV Be ‘Politically Correct?’ – Episode 083

January 12, 2017

“Political correctness” is an unfortunately-named shorthand description for how we talk about gender, race, privilege, and more. As it applies to stories like movies and TV, questions can arise about how certain tropes, characters, or stereotypes are “politically correct.” For example: Was Passengers sexist? Was Doctor Strange racist? Yes? No? Or is there nuance? How do we talk about these questions with each other and the creators? Check it out as Brent and Erik tackle so-called “political correctness” in movies and TV.

Brent and Erik also check in about their writing. Erik talks about the “escape room” he wrote for a local theater company called “The Scorpion Extraction.” And Brent talks about writing his new book The Otto Digmore Difference, the first book of new series about a regular character in the Russel Middlebrook series. If you want to skip the check-in and get right to the main topic, skip ahead to 3:15.

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Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

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Media Consumed This Episode

Garden State (film, 2004)
Ghostbusters (film, 2016)
Passengers (film, 2016)
Beauty and the Beast (film, 1991)
La La Land (film, 2016)
Doctor Strange (film, 2016)
Sausage Party (film, 2016)
Bad Little Children’s Book (book, 2016)
Geography Club (book, 2003)
Three Truths and a Lie (book, 2016)
Stonewall (film, 2015)
Pride (film, 2014)
The Otto Digmore Difference (book, 2017)
The Marinara Murders (book, 2011)


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