What Do Movies Get Right (And Wrong) About Love? – Episode 085

February 14, 2017

Movies can make us fall in love all over again. But they also can show us terribly inaccurate stories about love. Brent and Erik talk about movie love stories—the good, the bad, and the fantasy.

Brent and Erik also check in about their writing. Erik talks about how he used a two-day writing retreat to get a stalled novel going again. And Brent talks about what it means to have his novel Three Truths and a Lie “earn out” on his advance from the publisher.

Your Hosts

Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

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Media Consumed This Episode

The Princess Bride (film, 1987)
Sleepless in Seattle (film, 1993)
Moonstruck (film, 1987)
Twilight (film, 2008)
Pretty Woman (film, 1990)
Sixteen Candles (film, 1984)
Frozen (film, 2013)
Moana (film, 2016)
Groundhog Day (film, 1993)
The American President (film, 1995)
500 Days of Summer (film, 2009)
Husbands and Wives (film, 1992)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (film, 2004)
Brokeback Mountain (film, 2005)
Trick (film, 1999)
Beyond the Lights (film, 2014)


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