What Does It Mean To Be Gay in Movies and Television? – Episode 043

July 22, 2015

MediaCarnivoresCoverThe portrayal of gay and lesbian characters in movies and TV has changed over time—and quite dramatically over the last few years. With the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, we thought it was time to look into how things have changed and where we are now.

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Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

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Media Consumed This Episode

The Maltese Falcon (film, 1941)
Friends (TV)
Will & Grace (TV)
In and Out (film, 1997)
Queer as Folk (TV)
Looking (TV)
Weekend (film, 2011)
Sex in the City (TV)
Three’s Company (TV)
Impastor (TV)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV)
L.A. Law (TV)
As the World Turns (TV)
Sense8 (TV)
How to Get Away with Murder (TV)
Modern Family (TV)
Glee (TV)
Empire (TV)
Orange Is the New Black (TV)
Frozen (film, 2013)
Geography Club (book, 2003)
Making Love (film, 1982)


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