What Does Stephen King Have That We Don’t? – Episode 087

April 12, 2017

Writers exist on a sort of continuum: the best selling phenomenons at the top, and then a long tail of writers of various success as you go lower and lower on the continuum. What truly separates those at the top from those lower? Excellent marketing? Superior plotting and writing? Luck? All of the above? We look into the difference between Stephen King (one of the most successful writers in almost every respect) and ourselves (considerably lower on that long tail). It’s a good excuse to talk about Stephen King as well as writing in general.

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Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

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The novels and adaptations of the novels of Stephen King
The Shining (book and movie)
Dolores Clairborne (book, 1995)
Under the Dome (book, 2009)
Misery (book, 1987)
The Stand (book, 1978)
Carrie (book and movie)
The Mist (book and movie)
11/22/63 (book, 2011)
On Writing (book, 1999)
The Green Mile (book, 1996)
Stand By Me (film, 1986)


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