What Makes a Good Comedy? – Episode 034

April 14, 2015

MediaCarnivoresCoverWhat makes a comedy funny? Is there any joke or situation that is timeless? Has irony killed classic comedy? Brent and Erik look TV and film for answers (and laughs).

Your Hosts

Brent Hartinger
Erik Hanberg

Links Mentioned This Episode

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Media Consumed This Episode

The Cleveland Show (TV)
The Simpsons (TV)
Kick-Ass (film, 2010)
Veep (TV)
Seinfeld (TV)
Cybil (TV)
Fresh Off the Boat (TV)
The Big Happy (TV)
The Hangover (film, 2009)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (TV)
The Mindy Project (TV)
Parks and Recreation (TV)
30 Rock (TV)
Get Hard (film, 2015)


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